Biscuit Bender

Biscuit Bender brings a taste of the South to the Bay Area with handmade buttermilk biscuits. All pastries - sweet and savory - are baked fresh daily and derived from our biscuit dough!

How do I bake my frozen biscuits?

  1. Preheat oven to 375°F (still oven) or 325°F (convection), with the rack in the center position.
  2. Place frozen biscuits 2 inches apart on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper sprayed with cooking spray OR place on a silicone baking mat.
  3. Brush top with milk or cream.
  4. Bake for approximately 30 minutes, baking time will vary depending on your oven.
  5. Rotate the baking tray (turn it front to back, 180 degrees) half way through baking (15 minutes from start)
  6. You can test the biscuits for doneness by gently pushing your index finger against the side of the biscuit.  It is done if it lifts up easily without splitting in the middle and will feel light as air.
  7. When done, the biscuits should be nice and golden brown on the top and will have risen almost double their height or even spill over to one side.
  8. If you purchased biscuits that have a frosting or dusting (e.g. cinnamon bun, mexican hot chocolate), glaze the biscuits after they have cooled for about 1 minute.  The heat from the biscuits will spread the glaze all over the top nicely.
  9. Enjoy your biscuit bender!


What is a Bender Box?

You can get a dozen (12) biscuits for $28, including an individual butters or jams for each biscuit.

A half dozen (6) biscuits is $17, also including individual butters and jams.

See our menu for available flavors.


How do I reheat my biscuits?

You can heat up your biscuits in an oven or toaster oven at 275-300°F for 10-15 minutes. (If refrigerated or frozen, be sure to bring the back to room temperature before heating.) Be careful with Cinnamon Bun Biscuits and Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Biscuits-- just keep an eye on them!


How long do the biscuits last?

They keep well on their own for a day or two.

If keeping longer, store in an airtight container or Ziploc-type bag. Biscuits last for at least 2 weeks in the refrigerator and at least a month in the freezer. Bring them back to room temperature before reheating with the above directions.


Can I pre-order biscuits?

Yes, you can pre-order biscuits! Just send us an email (with 24-hour notice) to schedule your order. You can choose fully-baked biscuits or frozen pre-cut biscuit dough (to bake at home yourself!) to be picked up at our Ferry Building kiosk.

If you need a last-minute order, you can give us a call. We'll do what we can, but we can't guarantee that we'll have everything that you want.


Do you offer catering for offices and events?

We can deliver your order within San Francisco. Order Bender Boxes or a la carte for your next office meeting! Pre-order by email and let us know if you'd prefer delivery or to pick up at the kiosk. For deliveries, we add a 5% delivery fee ($5 minimum delivery fee) to your order. Take a look at our menu for available biscuits, butters, and jams.


Vegetarian? Gluten free? Vegan?

Nearly all of our products are vegetarian-friendly!

Our housemade fruit jams are vegan and gluten-free! (We use pectin, not gelatin.)

However, all of our biscuit pastries contain wheat and butter.  We leave the gluten-free and vegan baked goods to Mariposa Baking Co. and Pepples Donuts down the hall.


How can I bake these at home?

You have a couple options for making our buttermilk biscuits at home. We offer a DIY biscuit mix for $5.75-- each package makes about 9 plain buttermilk biscuits.  If you're interested in our other flavors, you can pre-order frozen biscuit dough to pick up at our Ferry Building location.


Do you accept debit and credit cards?

We have a $10 minimum for card transactions. We use Square (so we can accept Square Wallet payments, too) and are also conveniently located across from an ATM.


Are gift certificates available?

Yes, we do have gift certificates available.


Do you sell dog biscuits?

Our products are generally meant for human consumption, but we now have Doggy Style Biscuits ($1 each) available for your canine companions! Humans may also eat these doggy treats. (Contains wheat, chicken stock. May contain corn.)


What is the difference between biscuits and scones?

Biscuits and scones are very similar and in the same family of baked goods. Scones, which often contain egg, is of European origin. Biscuits, on the other hand, are a more American creation. This NY Times article is a great look at the similarities and differences between biscuits and scones.


Where else can I find your biscuits?

Besides our Ferry Building location, you can find our biscuits at Mission Cheese and Hollow Cafe.


Where can I find your marshmallows?

We occasionally sell our housemade marshmallows on the weekends, but you can almost always find them at: Far West Fungi (candy cap marshmallows) and Hollow Cafe (vanilla bean marshmallows).


What does Biscuit Bender mean?

We leave that up to you!

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